Loans of specimens are available to qualified scientists who wish to examine material in the UMSP collection. Loans may be arranged on request according to the conditions listed below.

Requests for loans should be made to the Curator: Dr. Robin Elizabeth Thomson.


  1. All loans are for 1 year, unless otherwise stated, and are subject to annual renewal.
  2. Researchers are encouraged to return all material borrowed as soon as possible; all loans are subject to recall.
  3. Borrowed types and all unique specimens must be returned. Retention of duplicate specimens is permitted only by prior written permission of the curator.
  4. Individual determination labels must be placed on each pin or slide or inside each vial.
  5. Types designated from the University of Minnesota Insect Collection material must be deposited in that collection, unless prior arrangements are made with the curator.
  6. No part of this loan may be sent to another party without prior permission of the curator.
  7. Student loans ordinarily will be made to the sponsoring professor, who will be expected to accept full responsibility for the loan(s).
  8. Holotypes are sent, and should be returned, by registered mail, preferably airmail.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, specimens may be dissected for study. Dissected partes must be mounted or stored in a manner that best prevents loss or dissociation.
The Carolina mantis (Mantodea: Stagomantis carolina).