Giant water bug (Belostomatidae: Lethocerus medius).

Donation of USGS NAWQA Macroinvertebrate Collection

In early 2012, arrangements were made with the USGS National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) in Denver, CO to acquire the National Water Quality Laboratory (NAWQA) aquatic macroinvertebrate collection for curation and permanent retention at the University of Minnesota Insect Collection (UMSP). The NAWQA collection includes some 225,000 vials and will add an additional 2.2 million specimens to the UMSP collection after it is fully accessioned. The collection represents sampling efforts from 1993 to present within the USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program.

Packing, transport, accession, and curation was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF DBI-1132188) and the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) - University of Minnesota.

We sincerely thank the USGS staff, including Dr. Stephen Moulton, Assistant Chief, NAWQA; Scott Grotheer and Rob Hood, USGS Aquatic Biologists; and Donna Myers, Chief of USGS Office of Water Quality.