A metallic wood-boring beetle (Buprestidae: Chrysochroa fulminans).

Insect Collection Tours

The University of Minnesota Insect Collection can provide scheduled tours of the collection to formal groups upon request. Please contact the Curator, Dr. Robin Elizabeth Thomson, at curator@umn.edu for further information.

The Insect Collection also offers a separate, permanent exhibit with representative insect specimens (and relatives) and digital artwork of insect illustrations from the Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota. The insect biodiversity display was recently remodeled with specimens, text, and images upgraded by Dr. Ann Fallon. The exhibit is maintained by the Insect Collection and associated faculty, staff, and students and will continue to be expanded. The illustrations and artwork were created by students in the class "Scientific Illustration of Insects" (ENT 5051), which is offered every other Spring Semester by Dr. Ralph Holzenthal. The exhibit is open to the public during the hours listed below. It is a self-guided walk through the display area located on the fourth floor of Hodson Hall, above the Natural Resources Library (follow signs to the fourth floor).

St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota
Hodson Hall, 4th Floor, above Natural Resources Library (follow signs to exhibit)
Parking available in the Upper Buford Circle lot (maps and directions).

Hours: (Academic year, 2015-2016)
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sunday and University Holidays: CLOSED