Dr. Robin Elizabeth Thomson (Trichoptera)

Faculty and Research Associates:

Dr. Ralph Holzenthal, Professor and Director of the Collection (Trichoptera)
Jim Walker, M.S., Assistant Curator (National Water Quality Assessment collection)
Dr. Len Ferrington, Professor (Diptera: Chironomidae)
Dr. John Luhman, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Hymenoptera)
Dr. Roger Blahnik, Research Associate (Trichoptera)
Joel Gardner, M.S., Museum Associate (Hymenoptera)
Crystal Boyd, M.S., Museum Associate (native bees) and MN-DNR Biological Survey Staff

Graduate Students:

Lucas Marques de Camargos, Ph.D. student (Trichoptera)
Luis Ernesto Rázuri Gonzales, Ph.D. student (Trichoptera)
Correy Hildebrand, M.S. student (Trichoptera)

Recent Graduates:

Heather Hendrickson, M.S., Bell Museum K-12 Outreach Educator

Ground beetle from Turkey (Carabidae: Carabus scabrosus).
row of scarabs